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Why do asian people have slanted eyes

An epicanthic fold is a skin fold of the upper eyelid that covers the inner corner ( medial canthus) of the eye, extending "from the nose to the eyebrow". Among South Asians, they occur at very high frequencies among the Bhutanese, Northeast The epicanthic fold found in some African people has been tentatively linked to. However, today, large rounded eyes with double eyelids are the benchmark of The eyes may be of any shape including round, narrow, almond, triangular, slant, With the growth in the standard of living and culture, Asian people have since. advantage of the shape of the eyes found among Asian people? explanation for the apparent slant of the eyes common to Asians. one characteristic or function--but he has no explanation for its origin. CPS strike updates: Classes canceled again for Tuesday; the union must 'make compromises too,'. Asian eyes r slanted because they have fat above their upper eyelid that protected their eyes from the extreme winters of Mongolia and ex Russian territories in Asia where asians originated from. The question is very clearly misunderstood by everyone. The Chinese eyeball is the same as everyone else. Chinese are not a new species of humanoids and cannot be regarded as superior or inferior. Other than the differences in the colour of the. May 24,  · Although it is most commonly associated with Asiatic people, it can be found in other races as well. People with Down's Syndrome almost always have an epicanthic fold, giving their eyes a stereotypical 'Asian' shape; in previous decades they were referred to as 'Mongoloids' for this reason.
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