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  • 01.05.2010
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Making sperm from stem cells

It may someday be possible to make sperm and egg cells from muscle, liver, skin, and types of other cells. That raises a host of ethical issues. There are many different reasons to find ways to create sperm from stem cells – one of these is to help infertile couples have children. It's an enormous field of. Scientists may soon be able to create human sperm and eggs using ordinary a microscopic view of a colony of induced pluripotent stem cells. May 10,  · Using stem cells to make sperm outside the testicle. Another advance in stem cell science. Granted, the natural fertility of these monkeys was not restored, monkeys are not humans, and the steps used aren’t that easy to translate into the clinic. But this proof-of-concept study is a cellular leap in right direction. Nayernia's group is now working on creating sperm from the skin cells of infertile men (the sperm cells in the current study were generated from embryos discarded by fertility clinics), and by studying the way those sperm develop, researchers may gain insight into . Jan 01,  · Previously, scientists have used stem cells to create viable mouse sperm, that were then used to produce healthy pups. Other teams have also injected immature human germ cells into Author: Hannah Devlin.
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