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  • 10.06.2010
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What is considered big boobs

It's cup sizes that determine big or small. That's the letter. The number is the band size, which is just inches around. Even someone who didn't have breasts. Edit: I specifically just want to know what is considered large/small. (I'm just trying to slyly find out how small/large my boobs are w/o posting my size). Depending on body size/proportion C's are usually considered medium to big. Personally Their standards for what makes big boobs is anything C or higher. Big boobs are a sign of a fertile partner. And to our reptilian brain, we cannot resit them. I find this to be a powerful freesexanimaltube.com: Sean Russell. "Big" boobs depend a lot on the size of everything else surrounding them - if you're 5 foot 2 and weigh 7 stone then D cups are going to look massive - if you're 6 foot and wear a size 16 you'll probably be more or less in proportion. The shape, where they are on your chest and what you wear also plays a part in how big your boobs actually look. What size of boobs are considered big? I am 5" one with a 36 C. Is this considered big? Guys, what is the perfect boobs size you want in bed? And what size to you is considered huge? Girls, would you hope that you have a different boobs size from your current one? Why.
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