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  • 15.05.2010
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Breast lift augmentation surgery

Unhappy with your breasts? You're not alone. The most popular cosmetic surgery procedure in the United States is breast augmentation. Which breast procedure is right for your aesthetic goals? Your board-certified plastic surgeon can help you choose between a breast. A breast lift, with or without implants, can help undo these changes and restore a One trait cosmetic surgeons frequently look for when evaluating a breast lift. Jan 19,  · Breast augmentation provides some lift If you have only a little sagging, and your nipple is above the level of your breast crease, breast augmentation may be used to lift your breasts—essentially “filling up” the excess, or droopy, skin (called ptosis). Getting Ready for the Surgery If you're considering a surgical breast lift, one way to see if it might help you is to put a pencil under your breast and see if it stays there. If it does, a breast. During surgery, the breast implant is placed first and then the appropriate lift procedure is performed to correct the sag and reposition the nipple. The size of the implant varies depending on whether a patient just wants fill to the hollow above or wants a more significant increase in size/5().
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