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  • 09.06.2010
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Side effects of sex

That's precisely why we've rounded up some of the most common side effects of sex that seem weird, but actually happen pretty often after you've gotten busy. Menopause can cause physical and emotional side effects that interfere with a healthy sex life. Perimenopause happens in the years before. There is no 'right' amount of sex to have, and not having sex for a long time should not have negative side effects. This article looks at the. Healthline explains that masturbation is an excellent way to relieve sexual tension that has built up and that a normal amount of masturbation does not cause any particular side effects. When masturbating too much, however, many side effects can develop. Addition is a major concern amongst individuals who masturbate too freesexanimaltube.com: Michael Wight. Jun 04,  · 6 Strange Side Effects of Sex. Your crazy post-orgasm experiences, explained. By Paige Greenfield. Jun 4, By now, you’re well versed in the, ahem, ins, and outs of freesexanimaltube.com: Paige Greenfield. Apr 04,  · There is a slightly decreased risk of sexual side effects with the medications buproprion (Wellbutrin) and mirtazipine (Remeron). It’s important to Author: Kristeen Cherney And Kathryn Watson.
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