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  • 15.04.2010
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Foil stuck on bottom of oven

In the days before self-cleaning ovens, it was a common practice to line the bottom of an oven with aluminum foil to catch bubble-overs or drippings. It was a . have been lining their ovens with aluminum foil to protect it from drips for New ovens have the heating element below the bottom liner, which makes the bottom .. When I went to remove the foil, it was stuck in spots to the bottom of the oven, . I foolishly used a sheet of aluminum foil on the bottom of my oven while baking pizza. The aluminum melted. Well, when you noticed that the aluminum foil had started to melt in the oven, the first thing to be done was to immediately stop the oven and pick out the chunks Then, with a piece of cloth or tissue, try to remove the melted aluminum from the oven. Squeeze some lemon over the affected area and Author: Urvashi Pokharna. Oct 23,  · With the older models of self-cleaning ovens one could put aluminum foil on the bottom tray of the oven, but with the newer models there is a warning (hidden in the last line) of your booklet for models of stoves where aluminum foil should 'not' be used! Aug 21,  · Lining the bottom of an oven with aluminum foil or a foil liner is quite common and acceptable provided that the electric heating element is ABOVE the oven bottom, not below and that the liner is between the element and the bottom. This of course is not possible with a gas oven.
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