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  • 24.01.2010
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My husband wants breasts

Update: my husband wants breasts. (cis wife, 34 here). I have talked to him about our potential options for him to have his own breasts. We asked a question . I really think my husband wants to have breasts, if that is the case then why, and why would he not talk to me about it. At the minute he has. Hi Kerry,. I understand that you can be confused and maybe shocked by what your husband has told you. I think he trusts you a lot as his wife to. “My Friend’s Husband Wants to See My Boobs” My ex-husband was abusive (I moved away 8 years ago). I have a great life but have not been able to move on romantically and have a relationship. Two years ago my friend’s husband started working in my office. We really hit it off. We just seem to understand each other and I now consider. Chapter 7: How do I enhance his breasts? Figure These silicone breast enhancers neatly fill my husband's A cup brassière. Under looser clothing, their presence would be far more ambiguous. Colloquially known as “chicken fillets”, these silicone breast enhancers are intended for women who desire a slightly larger bust, and claim. Jan 09,  · Male want to grow female breasts, will estraderm help. By andy | posts, and my nipples are very large, even when not erect. My breasts are impossible to hide. Even in winter, the only time they aren't obvious is when I have a coat on. Even baggy flannel shirts won't hide them. I want my husband to grow breasts. He already.
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