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Is masturbation a sin in marriage

What follows is the answer to the question, “Is masturbation a sin in marriage?”. God makes it clear in 1 Corinthians that both husbands and wives have a need for sexual activity resulting in orgasm. In the following passage, God tells a husband to meet the sexual needs of his wife. You bring up a very important issue, masturbation within marriage. Since you Is masturbation a sin, and if so how serious is it? I have been. Though the Bible does not explicitly mention masturbation, there are important masturbation as a way to experience sexual release, or a married person about making blanket statements about masturbation being a sin. Feb 12,  · Mutual masturbation is not a sin Mutual masturbation and solo masturbation produce much of the same chemical response.  There is a dopamine rush, and an oxytocin boost, and both cause your brain to become more inclined to do to whatever behavior you are doing. Is Masturbation a Sin for a Christian? In conclusion, all the questions and support for masturbation are quickly solved when you understand the Bible does directly condemn masturbation through what it directly condones. The Bible does not give sexual specifics but categories which Christians are to . The answer is that self-masturbation is obviously a sin if it deprives one’s spouse of sexual enjoyment. That is the message of 1 Corinthians It is important to realize that God designed sexual activity to be done together. That is why God did not give all the genitals to one spouse.
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