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  • 13.05.2010
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Ependymoma in adults

Curr Neurol Neurosci Rep. May;10(3) doi: /s Ependymomas in adults. Gilbert MR(1), Ruda R, Soffietti R. Ependymoma is a rare type of tumor of the brain or spinal cord. Your brain and your spinal cord make up your central nervous system (CNS). Ependymomas can spread when the CSF carries ependymoma cells to other places in the brain or spinal cord. Eighteen patients had tumors that were reclassified as ependymal tumors at MDACC. Median time to recurrence was 21 months (Grade II) brain and 18 months (Grade III). Tumor grade and brain location are associated with a worse prognosis. Oct 09,  · Adults tend to have a better prognosis than children. However, with good treatment, about 82 percent of people who have an ependymoma survive at least five freesexanimaltube.com: James Roland. Ependymoma Overview. Ependymoma is a rare tumor of the brain or spinal cord. It occurs in both adults and children. What is ependymoma? Ependymoma is a primary tumor, which means that it starts in either the brain or spine. Ependymoma is a comparatively rare type of tumor of the central nervous system (CNS) including, the brain and the spinal cord. It can occur in both adults and children at any age, but in adults the frequency of this disease is more visible than in children. Know the causes, symptoms, treatment, prognosis of ependymoma.
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