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  • 27.03.2010
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Vintage cooler restoration

Restoring a Vintage Cooler: I picked up this old cooler at a garage sale for $3, which was a pretty good deal even though it was in pretty rough shape. Time to. what does everyone think? never heard of restoring a cooler but this . in a while and use a new cooler or a vintage one like linked on ebay. A Michigan Company, Custom Soda Works specializes in Classic & Vintage Soda Machine Repair and Restoration of the mid's to early 's. Based in Michigan, Pat Pixley operates Cooler coolers. © Custom Soda Works. Vintage Coke Machine Sales Grand America Jukebox can perform a Coca-Cola machine restoration, Coke Machine restoration or Pepsi Machine restoration for you For over 20 years, Grand America Jukebox has restored and repaired Vintage Coca Cola Machines, Coke Machines and Pepsi Machines for clients all over the freesexanimaltube.com: Jeff. I specialize in the restoration and preservation of vintage vending machines, gas pumps and other vintage vending machines from the 40's, 50's and 60's. I specialize in soda machines and have been restoring those for over 15 years. During this time, I have restored and sold machines all over the country and also overseas. Chest Type Soda Machine Restoration And Repair For over 20 years, Grand America Jukebox has performed Vintage Chest Type Soda Machine Restoration for clients all over the world Let Grand America Jukebox perform a Vintage Chest Type Soda Machine Restoration or Repair for you Grand America Jukebox in St Louis, MO Restores and RepairsAuthor: Jeff.
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