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  • 11.05.2010
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Facial nerve exploration

Proximal and distal Facial nerve exploration during superficial Distal exploration of the buccal branch was undertaken only in one case. J Maxillofac Oral Surg. Jun;9(2) doi: /s Epub Sep Proximal and distal Facial nerve exploration during. October - Volume 48 - Issue 4 > Surgical exploration of the facial nerve . Discussion: Incomplete Facial Paralysis: The Use of the Ipsilateral Residual. Surgical Exploration Surgical exploration of the facial nerve Acute, acquired severe degeneration (greater than 90% within two weeks, per ENoG): facial nerve decompression via MCF (Bell's palsy) and/or transmastoid (temporal bone fracture, cholesteatoma, etc) Developmental paralysis: rule out facial nerve hypoplasia. Nerve Exploration The surgeon must have a high index of suspicion for distal facial nerve injury in any facial trauma, particularly when soft tissue lacerations are present. The approach to nerve exploration should be tailored to the individual patient and dictated by the location and nature of the wound and mechanism of injury. decompression and/or mobilization of the facial nerve and/or petrous carotid artery _____ Infratemporal post-auricular approach to middle cranial fossa(internal auditory meatus, petrous apex, tentorium, cavernous sinus, parasellar area.
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