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How to reduce penis swelling

Many things can cause a swollen penis. If you have penile swelling, your penis may look red and irritated. The area might feel sore or itchy. Balanitis is a swelling of the foreskin, or head of the penis. doctor may also prescribe medicated creams with steroids to reduce inflammation. Your penis may become swollen or inflamed if injured. Protect the area as much as possible to prevent further damage or injury when going to see your doctor. It is difficult to say how to reduce the swelling when we don’t know the had caused the swelling. You didn’t provide us with much information, so it is really hard to figure this out. The area around your penis could have swelled due to infection that occurred under the foreskin-if you have one. Sep 18,  · Treatment for penis swelling depends on its cause. If a man has penis swelling because of a minor injury to the area, using an ice pack might help. Often, however, conditions like balanitis, Peyronie’s disease, and priapism are at fault. Sometimes, penis swelling goes away on its own, given time. May 10,  · How Do I Reduce The Swelling On My Penis Shaft? The shaft area just below the head of my penis has been swollen for the last two days. The swelling goes completely around the shaft, forming a ring of sorts below the freesexanimaltube.com swelling isn't hard and there's no discoloration or pain, just discomfort from the extra freesexanimaltube.com: Open.
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